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Tribute to our founder

On August 7, 1977 I came to work for my late father. It wasn't like my first day working for him or the sign industry. As the grandson and son of sign company owners, I was cleaning the shop and wiring ballasts by the age of 12, but this was my new venture into the professional side of the business. Actually, I was between jobs in Oregon and decided I would come down to California to help my dad launch Bill Moore & Associates, returning to Oregon once we had things where he wanted. I sometimes joke that this has been the longest temporary job I've ever had.

Some people ask me how I could do the same thing for 40 years. I think there are two answers to that. First, there is an amount of family pride. My grandfather, Art Nelson, started up Nelson Neon in Richmond, CA in 1948, and my dad joined him in 1953, the year I was born. How could I ever give up on such tradition and reputation? Growing up in the sign business with my family has instilled a tireless work ethic, along with a great sense of pride. The other explanation for such longevity is that I learn something new everyday. The industry provides enough challenges and new opportunities that boredom is an unknown occupational characteristic.

At the age of 63, some people might be anticipating retirement. I more dread the prospect than relish it. Sure there are days that try my patience and stamina, but those are more often forgotten when faced with new challenges and accomplishments. Retiring at 65 really isn't in my chromosomes, but you never know what lies ahead, so I just don't really think about it. I'll know when the time is right. Until then, I'll pour my energy into Bill Moore & Associates and the clients we serve, because for me, excluding my kids and wife, that's what it's all about.

Skip Moore

Bill Moore & Associates | President

Retail Sign Design & Graphic Consultants

Ideas to Identity

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