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Part 1 Design Trends to look for in 2024

Expect a revival of vintage print aesthetics, a surge in bold minimalism, vibrant color palettes, pixel artistry, doodle influences and more.

Simplicity: Making a Impactful Statement with Understatement

In the realm of graphic design, minimalism has stood the test of time. Anticipate the emergence of designs in 2024 that boldly assert themselves, employing striking arrangements using a limited color range, ample empty space, and typography to craft visuals that leave a mark. This form of bold minimalism strips elements to their core while harnessing the might of contrast and proportion. Embrace the idea of exploring unorthodox structures and oversized components, pushing the boundaries of minimalist possibilities.

One of the primary advantages of employing minimalism in graphic design is its amplification of the message. It excels in conveying messages with precision and speed, a crucial attribute in the realm of digital signage. Considering audience engagement duration, demographics, and behaviors while passing by your digital displays, a minimalist design often yields more potent outcomes.

Digital signage often falls prey to a compulsion to fill every pixel, resulting in overwhelming displays. Adopting a minimalist mindset helps distinguish between necessary content and excess. Approaching your signage design with minimalism in mind aids in crystallizing your message and enhancing the legibility of your digital displays.

Lively Hues: The Revival of Radiant Color Schemes

Following an era dominated by muted tones, the vibrant and daring color palettes are poised to make a comeback in 2024. Designers are encouraged to welcome lively color combinations that seize attention and evoke intense emotions. From electric blues and radiant reds to lush greens and fiery oranges, anticipate digital designs becoming a visual delight. This resurgence of vivid colors aims to command attention and inject designs with vivacity and individuality. By harnessing these bold color selections, brands can carve a unique presence in a crowded digital sphere, crafting memorable and distinctive visual identities. Employing gradients and color transitions will further enhance this trend, imparting depth and dynamism to digital interfaces and marketing materials.

Pantone has unveiled their 2024 Color of the Year—Peach Fuzz, marking its 25th color selection. Described as "a velvety gentle peach whose all-embracing spirit enriches heart, mind, and body," it signifies a shift to a more subdued yet impactful tone.

Pantone's process for determining the Color of the Year is intriguing and comprehensive, involving an in-depth study of color trends across various domains such as interior design, fashion, films, and art—all facets of design. In 2023, their choice was Viva Magenta, an exuberant shade that truly stands out. While Peach Fuzz exudes a calmer demeanor, it holds significant potential in graphic design, especially when paired with complementary contrasting colors.

As part of their annual tradition, Pantone has introduced a range of color palettes featuring their Color of the Year. To delve deeper into Pantone's 2024 Color of the Year, explore their website for detailed palettes and usage examples.

Pixel Art: Where Nostalgia and Ingenuity Meet

Harkening back to the infancy of digital graphics, pixel art stands as a design style firmly rooted in its origins. In 2024, this nostalgic aesthetic, defined by its blocky and pixelated appearance, is celebrated for its retro allure and its knack for expressing simplicity and genuineness. In a landscape saturated with high-definition visuals and polished interfaces, pixel art serves as a deliberate departure from the norm. At Omnivex, we integrate pixel art as a key design element across various digital platforms, including our website, social media channels, and office digital signage.

Sketches and Handcrafted Accents: Embracing Personal Expression

Amidst the rise of AI's influence on design, there's a rekindled appreciation for the human touch in digital design, marked by the growing prominence of doodles and hand-drawn elements. In 2024, designers are anticipated to imbue their creations with spontaneity and genuineness through the inclusion of hand-drawn illustrations, sketches, and doodles. From simple hand-rendered arrows to intricate bespoke designs, this trend signifies a yearning to humanize brands, creating an approachable aura that resonates with audiences seeking authenticity amidst a world saturated with impeccably polished visuals.

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